Sushi Rolls for Beginners

Easy Maki

Sushi can be really expensive when you start buying the fresh ingredients such as salmon, tuna or prawns. This beginner recipe focusses on cheap ingredients so that you can practise at home without feeling that you're breaking the bank! These can also be great canapes for a dinner party.

 Enough for 5-7 sushi rolls

Ingredients - vegetarian rolls

Alternative Ingredients - tinned tuna rolls

Ingredients for dipping/serving

Use as much as you would prefer, one small bowl per guest is usually sufficient.

Kitchen Tools

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Prepare the sushi rice as per the recipe provided: Sushi Rice 

Wrap your sushi mat in cling film or put it in a ziplock bag.

Prepare the carrots and cucumber by slicing them into thin strips. Try and keep it all the same length and thickness.

If making the tuna, mix together the tuna, mayonnaise and vinegar. Add some salt and pepper to taste.

Now that you have prepared your ingredients, get your sushi station ready. I use a big cutting board as a rolling surface. Have a damp kitchen cloth and sharp knife ready (the sharper the better!). Prepare a vinegar (4 tsp) and water (1/2 cup) mixture (tezu) in a small bowl - you will be using this to rinse your hands and knife. 

To roll your sushi:

  • Place the sushi mat on the cutting board.
  • Place one sheet of nori on the sushi mat on the side closest to you.
  • Wet your hands with the tezu as well as the cup measure if using one.
  • Add about 3/4 cup sushi rice onto the nori.
  • Spread it out with your fingers to make an even block of rice.
  • Add the desired fillings in the middle of the rice (be creative), sprinkle over some togarashi spice for an extra kick of flavour. Slice the desired amount of avo and add as well, a sixth of a medium sized avo is usually enough for one roll. 
  • Roll the sushi using the sushi mat (see video below)
  • Slice sushi into 6 pieces (important: wet your knife and clean after every slice to prevent rice from sticking)
  • Serve
  • Repeat!

I have also linked a video below by Just One Cookbook which is very useful as it demonstrates the entire process.

click here to print the pdf version